What is Coinicor?

COINICOR is a future investing platform that consists all earning ways in one place.

Besides Forex trading, currency exchange and Crowdfunding, there is a Blockchain. This is an innovative technology that creates opportunity.


How it Works

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2. Invest

3. Receive of Profit

4. Withdraw
Why Coinicor

Competitive Advantage

Forex trading (foreign exchange)

It is the exchange of one currency for another, made at an agreed price.

Digital exchange

Profit from most popular cryptocurrencies around the globe.

P2P exchange

Is a new field of exchanges which is under strong development.

P2P lending

The best way for borrowers to get funding without going to the banks.

Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining pools returns profit and helps the industry.


Startups with blockchain technology – the most profitable investment option.

COINICOR’s users always have the option to operate with their funds at their will. Even though experts are doing risk and investment management, users can terminate and withdraw their funds at any time they want with no hidden conditions.

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Cryptocurrency wallet

In order to ensure that system remains stable in the future, COINICOR’s team is creating its own wallet.

In this way, it will not only increase stability of company’s platform, but also funds of customers will be more secured. Delaying network congestion or unreasonably large network charges will be a thing of the past. Below are some of the key features our wallet is going to offer:

  • Wallet where you control your private keys;
  • Source code will be open to public;
  • Restore and save your features;
  • Compatible with different operating systems.

Currently the crytocurrency wallet is in it's pre-development stage and is planed to be tested in late Q2 2019.

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program is your opportunity to earn by inviting friends.

You will receive 10 % affiliate commissions from your 1st level partner’s investment, 3% - from 2nd level partner’s investment, 1% - from 3rd and 4th level partner’s investment.

Representatives program


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

Is COINICOR officially registered?

Yes, COINICOR is registered in the United Kingdom as "ICOR LTD" with the following registration number: 11556303.

Why are you registered in the UK?

The COINICOR chose the UK as the place of registration of an international office, relying on the legal, geographical and personnel capabilities of that state.


COINICOR is a future investing platform that consists all earning ways in one place. Besides Forex trading, currency exchange and Crowdfunding, there is a Blockchain.

Who can become our client?

Any individual who has reached the legal age can become a client of COINICOR. You do not require any special knowledge about the investment market to use our services.

What guarantees does the company provide?

Beginning work with our company, when signing up on the website, each client, gives an agreement and signs an electronic contract (offer), in which all rights and obligations of the parties are registered. This document serves as a guarantee of the fulfillment of the company's obligations to the client.

Is my investment safe?

The investment of the company's customers is stored both from a technical and legal point of view. The company is responsible for the safety of funds on their accounts and their multiplying by working in the real estate market.

Who pays taxes?

Like other work, the company pays taxes. You do not need to pay taxes associated with the rental of real estate. However, we strongly recommend that you review the tax laws of the country of which you are a citizen or resident and, subject to the relevant legal requirements, pay your income tax.

The percentage of profit will always be the same?

For now, our customers receive 1.50% of profit on all calendar days, but in the process of developing the company's activities and increasing capitalization and cash turnover, there will be an increase. The reduction in the percentage of profits is impossible, which is supported by the contract concluded with the client.

It is legal?

The company's activities are absolutely legal, but the company's clients should familiarize themselves with the legislation of the state, the citizen or resident of which they are. COINICOR is not responsible for misinterpreting or ignoring the laws of the customer's country.

I invested, but money did not come, what should I do?

To avoid misunderstandings, we recommend you:

1. Carefully read the instructions offered by us and payment services;
2. Transfer the exact amount;
3. Check email inbox to be aware of the status of the operation.

If you have any questions, please contact support team. You will be certainly helped.

What is the minimum amount that I can withdraw?

The minimum withdrawal amount depends on the crypto currency in which you want to withdraw money. You can find out the exact amount in the withdrawal of the funds section.

How much will I get for a partner's investment?

The size of your profits from partner investments depends on the level of the partner. If this is your partner of the 1st level, that is, he was invited personally by you, your profit will be 10% of the amount of his investment. If this is a partner of the second level, that is, he was invited by one of your partners of the 1st level, then your profit will be 3% of the amount of his investment. If this is a partner of the 3rd or 4th level, your profit will be 1%.

What is an affiliate program?

The affiliate program is a system by which you can receive additional profit from the investments of partners that you have invited. With its help, you can make profit without investing.

How do I know how many partners I have?

To find out how many partners you have, you can go to the "AFFILIATE" section in your personal account.

How to earn more on the affiliate system?

Earnings from your affiliate system directly depends on the number of partners and the size of their investment. To attract more profit, expand the partner network and motivate your partners to invest, because from this you both will get benefit.

How do I invite a partner?

To invite a partner, you need to send him your affiliate link, which you can find in your personal account in the "AFFILIATE" section. After your partner signs up, by clicking on your link, he will be displayed in your personal account as your partner, and you will make a profit from his investment.

Who are the representatives of COINICOR?

The regional representative is a client of COINICOR, who sent us an application with personal and contact information. He/she participates in attracting new investors and earns an increased referral commission - 15% - 3% - 1% - 1%.

How can I become regional representative?

You should fill the form on Representatives page.

What is minimum / maximum amount to invest?

PerfectMoney and Payeer: $20 - $100000;
Bitcoin: 0.005004 - 25.018424 BTC;
Litecoin: 0.333092 - 1665.458914 LTC;
Dash: 0.216219 - 1081.09403 DASH;
DogeCoin: 9846.299268 - 49231496.3421 DOGE;
Monero: 0.380432 - 1902.158276 XMR;
ZCash: 0.352488 - 1762.439295 ZEC;
EthereumClassic: 4.172852 - 20864.261733 ETC;
Ripple: 64.543285 - 322716.425495 XRP;
NEO: 2.183519 - 10917.593026 NEO;
GAS: 7.040016 - 35200.079186 GAS;
Ethereum: 0.146396 - 731.979454 ETH;
BitcoinCash: 0.12183 - 609.149333 BCH;
BitcoinSV: 0.298057 - 1490.285958 BSV.

What is minimum amount that I can withdraw?

PerfectMoney and Payeer: $0.1;
Bitcoin: 0.0011 BTC;
Litecoin: 0.030000 LTC;
Dash: 0.015000 DASH;
DogeCoin: 400 DOGE;
Monero: 0.015000 XMR;
ZCash: 0.011000 ZEC;
EthereumClassic: 0.150000 ETC;
Ripple: 5 XRP;
NEO: 1.000000 NEO;
GAS: 0.350000 GAS;
Ethereum: 0.010000 ETH;
BitcoinCash: 0.005000 BCH;
BitcoinSV: 0.010000 BSV.


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